Structure Spotlight- The Beat Nest

Name: The Beat Nest

Debuted: LIB 2013

Reappeared: LIB 2014, 2015, 2016 & Woogie 2015, 2016, Now Retired 

Size: 16ft Diameter 

Materials: Plywood, Aircraft Cable, and Fabric 

Lead Designer: Heather Shaw, Co Designer: Josh Flemming

About:  The Beat Nest is a bird’s nest evolved into higher dimensions. It’s geometric shape, hypnotic weaving patterns, and tree-house perch-ability have made it an eye catching and iconic stage. The Beat Nest has been the integral stage component of Lightning in a Bottle’s beloved Woogie Stage the last 3 years. One of a kind, this playfully unique stage is built into a sturdy tree each year to provide a multi-leveled and unforgettable music experience.


Interested in renting a Do LaB structure or having a custom design made for one of your events?
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