Structure Spotlight: Galapagos

Debuted as…

The yoga shala at Oregon Eclipse 2017

Size: 110ft span 

Capacity: Over 200 people

Designers: Josh Flemming and Josh Fritz Friedensohn

Materials: Curved and straight milled glulam beams, over a mile of steel cable, custom steel brackets, bases, hinges and push-up columns, poly-poplin fabric

About: Inspired by the tortoises of the Galapagos islands, this sturdy structure’s shell embodies some of the iconic colors of other DoLaB designs. Galapagos’s dome shape effectively creates an open and sprawling space, with the potential for many different uses. For it’s debut at the Oregon Eclipse festival 2017, it served as the largest space to practice yoga and promoted a cool and comfortable environment for all.  Each day at the Oregon Eclipse festival, there were various yoga classes held under Galapagos.