Structure Spotlight: Lilikoi

Debuted as…

LIB 2017 and Oregon Eclipse 2017

Size: Over 76ft, one of our tallest structures

Capacity: 4,500 people

Materials: Curved glue laminated wood beams along with artistically curated CNC routed patterns designed by Xavi Panneton to create a unique, never-before seen type of structure.

Designers: Josh Flemming, Josh Fritz Friedensohn, Xavi Panneton & Sica Lyn

About: Lilikoi’s intricate design mimics natural flora, as many of our structures do. Specifically, Lilikoi is inspired by the Hawaiian Liliko’i Passion Fruit Flower. The inside radiates a cool blue tone, to promote relaxation and good energy. At LIB 2017, Lilikoi served as an expanded new home for our beloved Pagoda bar. Fun Fact: Lilikoi was the tallest structure at LIB 2017!