Structure Spotlight: The Treepees

The evolution of Do LaB’s designs over the years tells a visual story of the company’s progression into the innovative, reputable force it is today. In our Structure Spotlights, learn something new about one of Do LaB’s designs, and reflect on the first moments you were captivated by these extraordinary environments. 


Name: The Treepees

Debuted: Coachella 2013

Reappeared: LIB 2013, 2014,2015

Size: A total of 6 Treepee structures were made, 3 large(60ft diameter x55ft tall)  and 3 small (50ft diameter x 45ft tall).

Materials: Wood Utility Poles, Custom Steel Brackets, Steel Cables and Rigging Hardware, Polyester Poplin Colored Fabric.

Lead Designer: Josh Flemming, Co Designer: Heather Shaw & MOR Engineers 

About:   The Treepees are a fun and visually impactful way to provide shade to any outdoor event. Their size, color, and unique shape can be seen from great distances, and are even more stunning when viewed from within. The usable footprint inside of each Treepee, small and large, lends itself to a wide variety of different uses – and when constructed along a circular perimeter provides and activated space for crowds in the center.

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