The Beacon is Lit

Do LaB stage at Coachella 2017 was punctuated by a trendsetting lineup stacked with heavy-hitters, a variety of interactive characters and, of course, the biggest Coachella stage by Do LaB yet – the Beacon. Towering at sixty-six feet, this colossal haven from the sun offers shade, misters and enough dancefloor space for about ten thousand people. This structure marks the most technically sophisticated structure by Do LaB to date, a collaborative design by our Co-Founder Josh Flemming and Heather Shaw of Vita Motus. Features of the piece include custom brackets, one hundred and fifty-five fabric panels over eleven hundred square feet and sixteen types of software to master the engineering involved. From the inside, it’s even got an expansive dancefloor and a floating central column suspending about two thousand pounds in midair.

It’s absolutely an architectural marvel, but the Beacon marks a turning point for Do LaB too, because it puts the spotlight on two areas with shimmering potential. First, the new structure demonstrates the pedigree and detail offered by the team.  With sheer technical prowess, the Beacon proves (much like the Boom Dance Temple and the Big Fish, before it) that the founders of the popular arts collective are willing to put in the extra work to make a never-before-seen spectacle a phenomenal experience.

Second, the Beacon structure will find it’s final home in LIB this year as the physical container for the keynote speakers and flagship talks with the new Compass area at Lightning in a Bottle.  Inside it’s towering shaded walls intellectuals and leaders will gather to stimulate and share ideas. That means that for those who this year, first discovered Do LaB at Coachella, the stage they’ve come to know will become a home to renewed growth and learning in the heart of LIB.

Want to learn more about programming at the Compass? Want to know what talks will be presented in the Compass? Check out the all new Compass:


Featured Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom