The Best Tent to take to Burning Man

Burning Man is coming up soon and that means it’s time to start gathering all the essentials to make “home” feel a little more homely. If you’re looking for an upgrade in playa friendly shelter solutions and that cumbersome old hexayurt just won’t do, then perhaps we can offer a suggestion to experience something new. Try a ShiftPod!

It’s built like an updated version of the kid engineered space ship in the 1985 scifi classic Explorers, but don’t let it’s shiny exterior fool you. Some tents are made for camping, but others are constructed with survival in mind. Often being used for Music Festivals, Field Work and even Emergency Shelters in crisis situation the ShiftPod is most definitely the latter.

Boasting 140 square feet of interior and a futuristic design, the ShiftPod combines the best of high quality form and advanced functionality. It’s insulated, waterproof and has a quick setup that can be completed by one person in less than 5 minutes. Those converting from a yurt will be pleased to know that it has a locking zipper and an opening for air conditioning ducts with covers for every opening to keep all that pesky playa dust at bay too.

Finally there’s a better way to camp, but is it a better way to Burn? At about twelve hundred bucks it’s certainly pricier than your run of the mill tent, but some are saying that’s because it’s so much more than that. It’s brand new on the market and appears a bit experimental in its design, but if you ever wanted the portability of a pop up structure with the comforts of an RV then take one of these to the playa for shelter and let us know how it stands the tests known only to those who brave the brutal and beautiful elements of Black Rock City.

Learn more about Shiftpod here