A Burning Desire: the First Fire Circle at LIB

Lightning in a Bottle is evolving and with time that evolution means change. Some changes will mean more new faces and other changes will involve creating and preserving space for some of our most beloved parts of the festival. This year one change in particular brought us a lot of pride because for about a decade at each of our locations seasoned fire community fixtures like Lester Mooney and Samantha Taylor of Love in the Fire have stepped forward with a simple, albeit ballsy request.

“We want to have an open fire circle?” They’d say.

“Us too.” We’d think aloud.

And year after the next we recounted the spectacle of fire performance at Burning Man and thought about how to bring the vision to life at Lightning in a Bottle, so that it would be safe, fun and somehow still authentically LIB. This year, we put a plan in place to give it a chance and it was more than we could have ever hoped for. Not solely because it was an enthralling attraction that entertained many, but also because it created a space for fire performers to share their art safely. Since so many within the LIB family of performers also have roots that extend to Black Rock City it meant a lot to us to be able to create an immersive experience to remind them of “home”.  Particularly, because so many members of our interwoven communities rolled up their own sleeves to make the first fire circle at the festival a possibility.

At future LIB’s we hope to keep offering an open space where fire performers can throw down and showcase the hypnotic skills they’ve worked so hard to forge. For performers this will be both a tradition and a rite of passage that we will celebrate and look forward to. Moreover, with Lester of Fire Groove Gear and Tupá from IgNight Fire Flow Conference leading the LIB fire flow zone we’re confident that in addition to being well supervised and safe, it’ll also be awesome.

Yes, it took us a while to be ready and it was certainly more than just Lester and Samantha asking for the opportunity to bring fiery “prayerformance” to LIB, but with a successful test in the rearview and the right people in place we’re at last ready to answer the call.

For updates on Fire Groove Gear, Love in the Fire and Ignight Fire Flow Conference follow them on facebook. Fire safety is of the utmost importance to us at Do LaB. That’s why we will continue to work with local fire authorities, skilled performers and our dedicated teams onsite to ensure continued success of the fire circle offering at LIB. 

Photo Credit: Watchara