The Wallapod Goes Up In Downtown LA

Do LaB structures have made appearances at festivals and events around the world, but it’s not every day you see one go up in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  Earlier this month, Do LaB joined forces with an exciting new client bringing their innovative conference-style event to SoCal’s sprawling metropolis. The 3,500 person event took place over 3 days and activated multiple venues and spaces across the city center.

Photo courtesy of SummitLA

 Do LaB was tasked with transforming a 30,000 sq foot parking lot into an immersive paradise that would serve as the event’s outdoor lounge and social marketplace. The structure chosen for the job: The Wallapod.  With a 96ft wide diameter and height of 28ft, this 7000 sq ft structure offers 360-degree shade cover and an open floor plan serving as the ideal container for intimate gatherings and interactivity.

The neighboring buildings and city skyline made for a uniquely beautiful backdrop, but the event’s urban setting also contributed to a new set of challenges not normally faced in more rural, spacious venues.  Coordinating transportation around traffic, building on uneven asphalt, and hyper-condensed build and breakdown schedules kept our crew on their toes and made the entire project a wonderful learning opportunity for future projects and events.

Photo courtesy of SummitLA

Once the structure was built, the event designer and decorator filled the interior with beautiful custom wraparound benches that encompassed the perimeter. Booth seating created cozy enclaves for attendees to connect with one another while also leaving plenty of standing room for a DJ booth, dance floor, and two libation drink stations. Lighting and decor was warm and inviting, matching the event’s aesthetic perfectly.  The outcome was beautiful and really showed The Wallapod’s versatility and adaptability within a more refined and dynamic setting.

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