Your Do LaB Stage Music Guide for the Perfect WEEKEND 1

The palm trees are swaying, the sun is bright and Summer is almost here. If it’s about that time of the year again, it can only mean we’re a mere days away from spicy pie, saucy summer outfits and Coachella sunsets to swoon about. If you’re as excited to cut a rug across the Do Lab dance floor at Coachella 2016 as we are, you’re probably wondering which sets are the must-see performances you won’t want to miss. If so, you’re in luck because we put together a handy list of sets to experience for the absolute perfect Coachella experience at Weekend 1. Whether you’ll need a set to cool down, one to break a sweat to, one a set to turn up to this useful stage music guide will be the key to perfecting your Do LaB stage experience at Coachella 2016.

Set to cool down to: Le Youth

Le Youth knows how to bring those chill R&B vibes and what better way to take it easy than with some soothing four on the floor beats. Known for his notorious song “Cool” which sampled vocals from Cassie’s “Me & U”, it landed in the blogosphere and was quick to spread like a wildfire. Come take a breather as you get your groove on with Le Youth.

Set to turn up to: Brillz

Natural bass connoisseur Brillz is bringing a diverse fusion of all things low end to the Do Lab stage. The bass will be in abundance as Brillz never fails to mix a heavy set filled with Trap, Dubstep, and all things that will make your chest shake. Pull out your dancing shoes and get ready to turn up with Brillz as the Trap master guarantees rolling hi hats backed by fluctuating tempos and pulsing bass lines for all parties alike.

Set to break a sweat to: Paper Diamond

Alexander Botwin aka Paper Diamond lives in the lower end of the musical spectrum and will have you raising your Trap elbows at every given second. The Do Lab stage is set to become a dance floor drowning in vibrations as the bass fuels the energy levels from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. In combination, Paper Diamond will have you getting rhythmic as the beats take you away for some fun under the sun.

Set to forget your worries: San Holo

Once you step into the zone with San Holo, we promise nothing else will matter. Taking you on a vibrant journey that thrives off of sonic mysteries, San Holo is packing heat with his unquenchable thirst for musical diversity as he strays from playing strictly one genre in his sets. Here you will be allowed to enter the world of deep driven melodies as the kick drum pounds in the most of unexpected ways. Prepare to be left with nothing but the happiest of vibes.

Set to Bring a friend to: Wave Racer

Power Synth-pop fused with Future Bass is Wave Racer in a nutshell and who better to share that with than a friend? Feel free to frolic across the dance floor as you are surrounded by jovial uplifting beats that are signature to the Wave Racer style. From “Hyper” House to a smooth down tempo bass-ey flip, you are in for one rollercoaster of a musical ride.

Set to get weird to: Ghastly

Expect to get weird on all of the levels during Ghastly’s power packed modern House set. Four on the floor beats infused with heavy musical distortions creating its own unique blend of satisfyingly weird beats are short of pin pointing this musical conundrum. Come only ready to dance like there is no tomorrow as you take in a one of a kind set that only Ghastly can deliver. Let’s get weird!