Here we go again!!

We came. We saw. We danced the dance of our dreams. Time to do it all over again!!

We’ve got more than a few new surprises up our sleeves and we’re looking forward to sharing some more fresh sounds at Weekend 2. Whether you’re looking to whisked away into romantic melodies or you want a set to wake up to we’ve got the vibes you’re looking for. Come join us on the dancefloor and bask in the bliss of sweet, sweet bass! Not sure which sets you want to see? Here are a few we recommend for the perfect weekend 2 at Coachella 2016!

Set to fall in love: Hotel Garuda

Hotel Garuda excels at moving you into a musical journey boasting deep, dark, and techy vibes made up of sensual synths. Consisting of Manila Killa x Candle Weather, it’s safe to say these guys are expected to and always deliver solid productions that are sure to have you swooning over your favorite person. There’s something oddly satisfying about the uniquely wavy synth Hotel Garuda carries and it couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion. Brace yourself.

Set to time travel to: Sacha Robotti

Dirtybird Native Sacha Robotti packs the funk that will have you grooving like you never knew you could. Tech beats to take you away as the groovy and authentic Booty House feels transcend you into a House filled wonderland. The grooves are in abundance and the dance floor is your playground for a percussion driven foresight fueled night.

Set to lose yourself to: Stanton Warriors

Commonly referring to their music as “Bass music”, it is apparent that the pulsing kick drum is full of energy simply waiting for you to let go and give in to the relentless dancing power of Stanton Warriors. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it is is a low end overload rather the Rebel Bass enigma that defines them with a crazy kick drum that will tastefully pulse your day or night away.

Set to rise and shine to: Sweater Beats

Sweater Beats is like a cup of coffee that just really warms you up in the morning when its cold. From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you are first on your feet, Sweater Beats can make the transition from hibernation to real life nothing short of amazing with his happy and uplifting Trap tinged tunes. You don’t need your elbows up for this. Just enjoy the bass and let it move you.

Set to remember a friend: Stwo

Hip Hop culture prides itself with brotherhoods and crews and cliques that share one thing, friendship. Any Stwo track exudes Hip-Hop and R&B influences which make it easy to reminisce about a fellow mate of yours. Taking it back a decade or so with his originally authentic Hip-Hop sound, you can catch Stwo at your local club’s dance floor or festival alike.

Set to finish big to: Ardalan

The techno is prominent when Ardalan is around and he is constantly blessing us with trippy Techno tunes. You might find minimal beats transforming into some funky G-House but really it’s almost whatever you want to make of it. Also Dirtybird family, Ardalan is known to bring his eclectic house mastery behind the decks. Not overly hyped rather a laid back rendition of a Sahara tent alumni, this will be the perfect set to finish off your Coachella weekend too.